Vintage RuffHaus (Open box)

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  • Vintage RuffHaus

    The Vintage RuffHaus wood crate was designed as cost-effective option for the consumer.  The crates are made from wood and are a lighter version of our very popular premium RuffHaus crate.  These crates support ventilation for all dogs.  This is a great economical crate for many consumers. Starting at just $99.00 with shipping included, these crates are being sold at well below cost to make room for new inventory.

    NOTE: This item is an open box item and may have some cosmetic blemishes or signs of use, however, are still guaranteed to be functional. Open box items are clearance items and all sales are final. Customer may need to purchase hardware and or small parts at their local hardware store.  


    Exterior:  30" Length x 19" Width x 21" Height
    Interior:  26" Length x 15" Width x 18” Height
    Exterior: 36" Length x 23" Width x 25" Height
    Interior: 32" Length x 19" Width x 22” Height
    X Large
    Exterior: 42" Length x 28" Width x 30” Height 
    Interior: 38" Length x 24" Width x 27” Height 

    DenHaus Designer Dog Crate FurniturePets love our Densbecause it is in their nature to seek out den-like enclosures and compartments.  The plush bed is also irresistible.  Organic in shape, our Dens provide a unique haven for your dog, similar to that of a cave den, as his ancestors used. You've probably noticed how dogs like to sleep under a table or desk. This is because they feel safe in an enclosed space.

    DenHaus Dog Crate FurnitureDens act as a calming space for an over-zealous, young dog to relax. For adult dogs, the Den becomes their familiar space and a comforting retreat. Dogs also love leaning against walls, so they love the sturdy construction of our Dens inside and out!

    People love our Dens because they work hard for as beautiful furniture plus a home for pets or hideaway for the litter box.  Our Dens make it easy for people to incorporate their pet into their home.


    "Crating" is a popular aid in puppy housetraining as it goes against their nature to soil where they sleep.

    3 keys to successfully using a crate:

    1. Make the crate a place your dog likes to be with treats and fun games like ‘hide and seek’ with his favorite toy in the crate.
    2. Get your dog used to its crate gradually. Start with the crate door open and pet and treat your pup while inside the crate.  Close the door for a few seconds at first, letting your pup out.  Finally, try increasing the time, always putting lots of your dog’s favorite treats inside each time he goes in. 
    3. Crate your dog near the rest of the family.  Pets want to be near you and all the fun. Be sure to put the crate in the living room or family room where you spend most of your time.  We know, crates are not nice to look at – that’s why we make Dens for you after your puppy is crate trained.

    Read more training tips here, provided by


    DenHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture

    Homes for Pets

    Got a dog?  Our dens, designed to be cave-like to appeal to dog’s natural instincts, make for perfect indoor dog homes.  Super comfortable and easy to clean, our dens can be used to secure the pet or the door can be removed or left open to allow free entry and exit. 

    DenHaus Wood Dog Crates

    Litter Box

    Got a cat? Our dens make crate litter box hideaways.

    DenHaus Designer Dog Crate Furniture


    Customers without pets often use our dens for storage in the living room, bedroom or media room.