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The TownHaus Elite, setting the standard for wood dog crate furniture since 2005.

If you're taking a look at the TownHaus by DenHaus, you've obviously made the choice to adorn your home and surround your pet with the finest wood dog crate furniture. From the TownHaus Elites' unique aesthetics to it's over-engineered design, you can be sure nothing else on the market compares.  Our quality is evident from the moment you receive your TownHaus Elite. From the fine, furniture quality finishes to the heavy duty construction that will support the weight of an adult, you'll instantly know nothing else matches up.

Our crates are so solid and well engineered, they're patented!!!

So, go ahead and put that favorite vase of flowers on top of your dog's new home. Only the TownHaus Elite is a superbly sturdy piece of furniture on the outside and the cozy space your dog craves on the inside.

Plus, it's the only wooden dog crate featuring a uniquely designed door with removable grate; so you can allow your pets to come and go freely, or safely secure them.

Be Confident
DenHaus Dens meet and exceed high-end furniture quality. That means you can be confident that your dog is safe and your hot cup of coffee resting on top won't spill.

Why Dens?

Learn more about why pets and humans alike Love our Dens.

*Good to know: Best suited for dogs that are crate trained and not prone to destructive chewing.

The TOWNHAUS ELITE small - medium crate when totally assembled weighs 108 pounds.  This is not plastic or a cheap crate, This is a piece of Furniture.  Enjoy your beautiful Furniture.

The TOWNHAUS ELITE Large - X-Large crate when totally assembled weighs 175 pounds.  This is not plastic or a cheap crate, This is a piece of Furniture.  Enjoy your beautiful Furniture

Our durable, wooden dog crate will add warmth and beauty to your home. It will also provide comfort and ventilation for your companion inside, while appealing to your pet's natural instinct to seek out a safe and secure den-like space. This is a wooden dog crate you will be proud to have in your home.



• Antique brass hardware
• Expert ventilation
• Removable and lockable interior door panel
• Perfect wooden dog crate for dogs or cats to sleep in, or to hide a litter box
• Multiple coats of finish and sealer protect wood
• Smooth finished interior

Composition and Construction

We use tropical wood finished with mahogany or espresso stain. Medium density fiberboard, known as MDF, is used in some places to enhance strength and stability. It won't crack, and wood veneers adhere well to it, which results in high quality product for you. Unlike other lower quality wood crates, the TownHaus Elite is heavy and solidly built to last for years.

All wood is kiln-dried, a process that removes moisture from wood and ensures that it will not split, warp, crack or mildew.


Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Remove smudges with a cloth that has been slightly dampened with a solution of mild soap and water; dry thoroughly. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. 

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