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TownHaus Replacement Wood Grate


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  • Have a teething puppy or a determined scratcher? Order a spare or replacement wooden grate! This is identical to the wooden grate that originally comes with the TownHaus.

    Measurements are approximate.

    • Small grate dimensions: 12.5in H x 11.5in W
    • Medium grate dimensions: 16.5in H x 16in W
    • Large grate dimensions: 22.5in H x 16in W
    • XLarge grate dimensions:  27.5 in H x 16.5 in W
    • Specially designed to be both strong and safe
    • Will not splinter and resists warping
    • Easily slides in and out of your TownHaus door
    • Finish and size will perfectly match that of your original
  • Our first Den, the TownHaus, was born when founders Sarah and Chris adopted a spirited Redbone Coonhound, Amber. After staring too long at the ugly crate in their living room, they decided to put their woodworking skills to use to create something better.

    The couple went to work designing a space for Amber that would give her the happy, comfortable and safe room she deserves and that would fit with their home’s décor and function as an end table. The design evolved as the pair discovered they needed to have a unique door design that would allow them to crate Amber and to have the door open for easy access.

    After many friends asked where they could find this unique combination of dog crate and end table, Sarah began producing and selling the TownHaus in 2005. Thank you Amber!