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Training Tips

At DenHaus, we know people love being with their pets so we created dog crates that will fit with your home decor allowing you to bring your pet into the space where you spend your time.

Some key things to remember about your pet's Den:

  • Togetherness - place your Den in an area you spend a lot of time.
  • Go slowly - place treats and toys inside so your pet will want to go inside. If you plan to secure your pet in the Den, leave them inside for short periods of time with the door open, then try closing the door and gradually increase the time.
  • The Den is your pet's home - once your pet is used to it, the Den will become home, a special retreat.

Crate Training Tips from DenHaus

"Crating" is a very popular aid in puppy house-training and dog training. The crate provides a haven for the dog similar to that of a den, as its ancestors used.

You've probably noticed how dogs like to sleep under a table or desk. This is because they feel safe in an enclosed space, like a den. Crates act as a calming space for an over-zealous, young dog to relax. Crates also make house-training easier as it goes against their nature for pups to soil where they sleep.

Many people continue to use a crate for their adult dog, as it becomes the dog's familiar space when young and a comforting retreat as it gets older.

According to Dr. John Wright, certified animal behaviorist the 3 keys to successfully using a crate to train:

  1. Make the crate a place your dog likes to be.
  2. Get your dog used to its crate gradually.
  3. Crate your dog near the rest of the family.

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