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TownHaus Wood Dog Crate Furniture

DenHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture Thank you for giving us our adult bedroom back! We have always had nice furniture in our bedroom with gorgeous dark woods but having 3 plastic crates in the room stood out like a sore thumb. It was a genius idea to make the front panel of the "nightstand" slide out. We take the front panels out during the day so that our three dogs can go in and out as they please. Thank you again for making chic furniture that compliments the sophisticated canine-loving home.
~ Kitty

I put Reagan's TownHaus together in less than 10 minutes! Thank you for your great customer service. Your product is a breath of fresh air for those of us that aren't satisfied with a wire or plastic crate. I have told all of my friends about your product and all have agreed that the TownHaus is worth every penny – as compared to a fine piece of furniture. Reagan has put her paw print of approval on it as well, as she accepted it without any difficulties. Puppy kisses from her!
~ Janet

BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture

DenHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture I put my three BowHauses together myself; it was that easy! They went together like a jigsaw puzzle - well designed. I just couldn't go wrong! The tabletops accommodate everything from lamps, and telephone to a TV remote, clock, vase, cup and saucer, etc., etc.
~ Petra

Georgie loves her BowHaus! As do I; everyone who sees it is always shocked to find out it's a dog crate. The BowHaus is absolutely brilliant for small spaces, or any space really, since it doubles as a table and looks so chic; Georgie can hang out right there with the humans in the living area and not be underfoot. Both the crate and the pad have held up really well and still look brand new even after years of use.
~ Audi

ZenHaus Designer Dog Furniture

DenHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture The ZenHaus arrived promptly and well packaged. It is serving a dual purpose as "the dog house" and a smart, contemporary piece of furniture. We have received many compliments on the ZenHaus.
~ Gloria

Mojo loves his ZenHaus so much! Plus it is so stylish! Great customer service your company has.
~ Brianna