Let us tell you the stories behind the designs of our dens.

Our hope is you discover more that just a story about dogs and dens. We believe life is a collection of stories, and some of the most important stories for us live here. They will tell you about our relationships, best friends, values, our homes and lessons we've learned.



Our first Den, the TownHaus, was born when founders Sarah and Chris adopted a spirited Redbone Coonhound, Amber.  After staring too long at the ugly crate in their living room, they decided to put their woodworking skills to use to create something better.

The couple went to work designing a space for Amber that would give her the happy, comfortable and safe room she deserves and that would fit with their home’s décor and function as an end table.

The design evolved as the pair discovered they needed to have a unique door design that would allow  them to crate Amber and to have the door open for easy access. 

After many friends asked where they could find this unique combination of dog crate and end table, Sarah began producing and selling the TownHaus in 2005. Thanks Amber!

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The ZenHaus represents core values that are critical to the team here at DenHaus:  creativity, balance and craftsmanship.  In bringing the ZenHaus to life we were focused on bringing harmony to a disruptive situation:  ugly dog beds and crates in a modern, sophisticated home. So we put some creative minds together in a mission to create calm in a way that not only would be gorgeous, but unique.  This is how the ZenHaus was born. 

The ZenHaus design itself is impressive, but even more remarkable is the way it had to be and still is made – by hand.  Each and every ZenHaus is unique and handcrafted by skilled artisans out of fiberglass.  We chose fiberglass for its extraordinary ability to be both durable and light.  Since these Dens are handmade, there are slight differences in each one.  We love that we can offer completely individualistic Dens with each its own character and personality.  Your ZenHaus Den will be completely unique and impossible to replicate.

We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers balance and calm with the handmade ZenHaus, straight from the hands of skilled artisans.

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The BowHaus was a gift. We can not claim the BowHaus as a design of our own.  All we can say is that when we saw it, we loved it and all that it represented.  The comfy cave-type design with sleek lines and modern look fit perfectly with our mantra of ‘homes for pets, designs for people’, so we had to make it ours and bring it to style-loving dog owners everywhere.  The round shape, striking starburst design and the fiberglass all give a nod to the design movement  for which the BowHaus is named.  The German-born Bauhaus Design Movement was a reaction to social change, and called for design to be beautiful and at the same time relevant and functional.  The cool and durable nature of steel created a new type of beauty still celebrated today.

That being said, the story of our BowHaus goes a little further. We have incorporated our values of sustainable design and excellence into the manufacturing and packaging. The BowHaus line supports local economies by being made in the USA and is packaged in 100% recyclable materials. By keeping all manufacturing in the U.S., transportation needs are reduced, which, in turn, helps our environment. It’s one step closer to where we want to be as a company. We hope the BowHaus with all its benefits will make you and your companion happy.

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Meet the RuffHaus! The newest addition to the Denhaus line.

Adorned in real wood (no MDF here), the Ruffhaus toes the line between functionality and style. Sporting clean lines, beautiful wood grain and timeless trim, this den was designed to please.

Solidly built, with a thick wood floor and top, the light mahogany wood blends in with almost any décor. Unlike other dens that are simply a wire crate with a wood cover, the Ruffhas has thicker wire mesh that is bolted to the inner wood frame, making the den extremely sturdy and durable. Well ventilated and expertly designed, we tested the final Ruffhaus prototype in our own home with our own dogs for months before bringing it to you. If you’re looking to upgrade from your everyday dog crate to a lovely den that will please you and your dog, look no further than the Ruffhaus.

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