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Top Benefits of A Dog Bed

At the risk of stating the obvious, we list this first. Just think of it, would you enjoy sleeping on the hard, cold floor every night. Well, your dog likely doesn't enjoy it either. 

Dog beds are also a great way of easing any aches or pains from arthritis your dog may suffer. Purchasing the right bed can also offer better support and weight distribution for your doggie's joints and muscles.

Did you know that for bigger dogs or short hair breeds, rubbing their elbows on your hard floor all night may cause sores or ulcers?

Give your dog a comfortable night's sleep, get him a bed of his own. 

As much as we love our pets, we also love our furniture. Having a specific place for your dog to sleep prevents them from cuddling up on your favorite chair or couch.

Many dogs, especially larger breeds, also tend to drool while sleeping. Just think of the smell, and what wear years of dog drool will do to your cushions.

A dog bed of their own allows your dog to drool, scratch, shed, whatever, without the worry over whether they're ruining your home. 

Having a specific place for your doggie to curl up each night is also much more hygienic, for both of you.

Think of it, most dog beds on the market now are machine washable. You can steam and scrub away any bacteria that may accumulate. 

Even the cleanest of dogs still carry various forms of dirt and bacteria around on their noses and paws. Having a dog bed that can be thrown in the wash is a far better option for keeping things sanitary than a ratty old sheet or blanket.

Even dogs need a place to feel secure and at home. Dog beds can actually help dogs psychologically in that they allow dogs to feel they belong and have a set place to rely on for comfort and safety.

Keeping your dog's bed in a specific place in the home gives your dog a sense of consistency and confidence that they are a permanent part of your life and home. 

You have blankets at night to keep you warm. Well, your dog sometimes needs a bit more than fur to stay well insulated and warm at night.

When nights get chilly, keep your dog off the cold floor and prevent them from falling ill. If you live in a climate that has varying weather conditions, you can even find temperature controlling beds for your dog.