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We are here to enrich the human-dog experience by honoring your dog as a unique member of your family and celebrating your home as a beautiful shared space.


Every day you come home to a wagging tail. Every day you seek comfort and appreciate beauty.

You share your space with your dog, and they with you.

How can you create a home that you both love?

This was the inspiration behind DenHaus.

We are Passionate. We believe that the relationship we share with our dogs is something special and that the home we share should be a place of love, comfort, and beauty. 

We Surprise & Delight. Our innovations help pets and pet parents share space in a way that is rewarding for both. We take pride in designing exceptional products and providing extraordinary service that will delight you and your pet every day. 

We Honor Your Home & Your Dog. DenHaus Dens are more than just a dog crate: They are a stylish statement, the den your dog craves, functional furniture... A piece you are proud to have in your home.