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Mutt Mitt® Singles (400 per case)

  • Mutt Mitt® Singles offer a budget-friendly approach to dog waste pick-up. 

    This pack contains 400 loose Single Ply Mutt Mitts.  With Mutt Mitts picking up pet waste is simple as: Grab It, Turn It and Toss It!   so you don't have to touch or feel the icky stuff. Mutt Mitts are completely puncture resistant, so turning them inside out offers no stress for the mess. Mutt Mitts are larger than other waste bags an can accommodate waste from dogs of all sizes. Just one Mutt Mitt can handle an entire litter box too! Mutt Mitts should be used within one year of purchase.
    • Heavier plastic than other bags
    • Single Ply Construction
    • Roomy pocket-easy pick up
    • Each Individual Mutt Mitt is 13" x 9"
    • holds 1 quart
    • 400 Mutt Mitt 
    • Large Enough to Accommodate Waste From Dogs of All Sizes