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Dispense-A-Mitt® (200 Mitts) Dispenser Box

  • Our best seller of all time! The best dog waste bag you can choose. "Better than a Bag."  200 of our 2-Ply Mutt Mitts®. Safe, 2-ply construction prevents any contact with dog waste. 

    Convenient, self-dispensing Dispense-A-Mitt® box, can be wall-mounted via built-in box 'tabs'.  Makes a great gift for any dog owner, too. 

    White bag with a black second-ply around the bottom...creates 'heat-shield' between you and "it".  No 'yuck'!  Forms an extra deep 'mitt' for easy pick-up. This is the world famous, 2-ply, dog waste bag!  

    • Size: 9" W x 12.75" L, with 9" gusset "mitt" bottom
    • Thickness: White 1 mil, Black 1 mil = 2 mil total thickness!
    • Color: WHITE with BLACK second-ply 

    The Mutt Mitt® 2-Ply bag, is the safest and most convenient dog waste pick-up bag in The World!