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ZenHaus (Open Box Return)

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  • The Zenhaus... A designer dog crate unlike any other.

    NOTE: This item is an open box item and may have some cosmetic blemishes or signs of use, however, are still guaranteed to be in good functional condition. Open box items are clearance items and all sales are final and are sold as is.

    Are you looking for a designer dog crate that identifies with your unique style, but also provides a comfy space for your favorite four-legged friend? Look no further than the Zenhaus by Denhaus.

    If you prefer furniture with sleek lines and a modern pedigree, we have what you’ve been looking for. Take heart, puppy-loving perfectionists, we have created a designer dog den just for you in the ZenHaus. The sleek, modern, and unique look of the ZenHaus will appeal to your senses, while the den’s oval and huggable shape will please even the most snuggly pets.

    Handcrafted by artisans in the polished fiberglass color of your choosing, this designer dog den is topped with opaque, shatterproof glass that brings in the light and features a swing door that can be removed. The fiberglass construction results in an extremely light, but strong and durable den that will provide years of enjoyment. Hand-crafted constructions lets you know the Zenhaus is not your everyday, cookie-cutter den.

    Multiple vents on all sides provide excellent ventilation and a 360-degree view for your companion inside.

    The Zenhaus is so unique, its design is patent protected.

    Good to know: Since each and every ZenHaus is handmade, there are slight differences, or irregularities, in each one. We love that we can offer completely individualistic Dens with each its own character and personality.


  • Integrating a unique oval design, each Zenhaus unit is handmade from fiberglass by skilled artisans and then shaped and polished to create a sleek and shiny exterior. The Zenhaus is available in four modern colors to blend with and complement any modern décor. The patent protected design lets you know you have a very different designer dog crate in your home.

    Only Takes Minutes to Assemble with easy to follow Instructions.


    • Sleek and smooth design hugs your pet
    • Expert ventilation
    • Perfect for dogs or cats to sleep in or to hide a litter box
    • Handcrafted from fiberglass (each ZenHaus is unique)
    • Lightweight and smooth
    • Removable door so pets can come and go

    Composition and Construction

    Handmade by skilled artisans from fiberglass. Fiberglass was chosen for its durability and lightweight characteristics. Tempered glass is used on the top to bring light in for your pet. Tempered glass is one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger. It is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.


    Clean with a soft, damp cloth. Remove smudges with a cloth that has been slightly dampened with a solution of mild soap and water; dry thoroughly. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners. In extreme cases of scratch, a very fine sandpaper can be used in conjunction with car wax to reduce the appearance of the scratch and return the original polished look.


    1) It is important to get the right size to fit your décor and your pet! Measure your dog's height and length and write it down. That's right, grab the measuring tape, a piece of paper and pencil to make sure you get the right size! 

    Measure the height from CHIN to PAWSwhile the dog is standing
    Measure length from SHOULDERS/CHEST to REAR
    Dog Height and Length Sizing

    2) Using your dog's height and length, compare it to the sizing chart (see below) to determine which size is right for you. Your dog needs to be able to walk in, turn around and lay down in his Den. Also, think about where your Den will be placed in your home and the size of your furniture.

    We recommend these sizes based on our experience. Beware if you buy a size too small your dog may feel cramped.

    If your dog is close to the top of the measurement range provided, go for the larger size. If you have a puppy, go with the measurements of a full sized breed or largest breed in your mix.

    Sizing Chart for ZenHaus

    For Dog Fitting Purposes
    Dog Height Up to 21" 21" to 25"
    Dog Length Up to 18" 18" to 24"
    Dog Weight Less than 25 lbs 25 to 55 lbs
    Breeds in This Size Havanese
    French Bulldog
    Toy Poodle
    Shih Tzu
    Shiba Inu
    English Bulldog
    Cocker Spaniel
    For Home Decorating Purposes
    Exterior Dimensions 21.5” H x 19.5” W x 28” L 26” H x 25” W x 35” L
    Interior Dimensions 21” H x 18.5 W x 27” L 25.5”H x 24” W x 34” L

    Download a PDF version of the Sizing Chart to record measurements and ensure you order the right size.



    DenHaus Designer Dog Crate FurniturePets love our Densbecause it is in their nature to seek out den-like enclosures and compartments.  The plush bed is also irresistible.  Organic in shape, our Dens provide a unique haven for your dog, similar to that of a cave den, as his ancestors used. You've probably noticed how dogs like to sleep under a table or desk. This is because they feel safe in an enclosed space.

    DenHaus Dog Crate FurnitureDens act as a calming space for an over-zealous, young dog to relax. For adult dogs, the Den becomes their familiar space and a comforting retreat. Dogs also love leaning against walls, so they love the sturdy construction of our Dens inside and out!

    People love our Dens because they work hard for as beautiful furniture plus a home for pets or hideaway for the litter box.  Our Dens make it easy for people to incorporate their pet into their home.


    "Crating" is a popular aid in puppy housetraining as it goes against their nature to soil where they sleep.

    3 keys to successfully using a crate:

    1. Make the crate a place your dog likes to be with treats and fun games like ‘hide and seek’ with his favorite toy in the crate.
    2. Get your dog used to its crate gradually. Start with the crate door open and pet and treat your pup while inside the crate.  Close the door for a few seconds at first, letting your pup out.  Finally, try increasing the time, always putting lots of your dog’s favorite treats inside each time he goes in. 
    3. Crate your dog near the rest of the family.  Pets want to be near you and all the fun. Be sure to put the crate in the living room or family room where you spend most of your time.  We know, crates are not nice to look at – that’s why we make Dens for you after your puppy is crate trained.

    Read more training tips here, provided by DogTime.com


    DenHaus Modern Dog Crate Furniture

    Homes for Pets

    Got a dog?  Our dens, designed to be cave-like to appeal to dog’s natural instincts, make for perfect indoor dog homes.  Super comfortable and easy to clean, our dens can be used to secure the pet or the door can be removed or left open to allow free entry and exit. 

    DenHaus Wood Dog Crates

    Litter Box

    Got a cat? Our dens make crate litter box hideaways.

    DenHaus Designer Dog Crate Furniture


    Customers without pets often use our dens for storage in the living room, bedroom or media room.