Vintage RuffHaus (Open box)

Vintage RuffHaus! 

NOTE: This item is an open box item and may have some cosmetic blemishes or signs of use however are still functional. Open box items are clearance items and final sales. Open box items may not be returned.  Customer may need to purchase hardware and or small parts at their local hardware store.  The price of these crates reflect possible need to spend a few dollars by the consumer to complete.  These crates are only recommended for people with some D.I.Y. skills. After multiple shipments some joints may have come loose and need to be re-glued. If any parts are cracked or splintered, we will send replacements.

These wood crates were manufactured to create a cost effective crate for the consumer.  The crates are made from wood.  These crates support ventilation for all dogs.  This is a great economical crate for many consumers.  


Sizes :


Exterior:  30" Length x 19" Width x 21" Height

Interior:  26" Length x 15" Width x 18” Height


Exterior: 36" Length x 23" Width x 25" Height

Interior: 32" Length x 19" Width x 22” Height

X Large

Exterior: 42" Length x 28" Width x 30” Height 

Interior: 38" Length x 24" Width x 27” Height 




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