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TownHaus Crate Pad/Bed

  • TownHaus Crate Pad/Bed

    Custom-made with gel infused memory foam. Your pet deserves this super-floppable bed that fits perfectly into the TownHaus Den.  Ideal comfort to satisfy your dog's natural craving for reassurance and warmth.


    • Luxury soft removable/washable Cover with gel infused memory foam 
    • Eco-Friendly Certipur-US high-quality memory foam
    • Super soft plush sleeping area provides a cozy spot for your dog to rest
    • Zippered cotton fabric cover 
    • Durable non-skid bottom
    • Cover easily removes for machine washing


    • Small: 19 x 16 x 2
    • Medium: 26 x 20 x 2
    • Large: 31 x 20.5 x 2
    • XL: 38 x 22 x 2
    • Custom-made of high quality foam with removable, washable microfiber cover.
    • Double-sided in stripe and solid tan.
    • The only bed that fits perfectly into the TownHaus.

    1) It is important to get the right size to fit your décor and your pet! Measure your dog's height and length and write it down. That's right, grab the measuring tape, a piece of paper and pencil to make sure you get the right size! 

    Measure the height from CHIN to PAWSwhile the dog is standing
    Measure length from SHOULDERS/CHEST to REAR
    Dog Height and Length Sizing

    2) Using your dog's height and length, compare it to the sizing chart (see below) to determine which size is right for you. Your dog needs to be able to walk in, turn around and lay down in his Den. Also, think about where the your Den will be placed in your home and the size of your furniture.

    We recommend these sizes based on our experience. Beware if you buy a size too small your dog may feel cramped.

    If your dog is close to the top of the measurement range provided, go for the larger size. If you have a puppy, go with the measurements of a full sized breed or largest breed in your mix.

    Sizing Chart for TownHaus

    For Dog Fitting Purposes
    Dog Height (paws to chin) 18" or under 18" to 22.5" 22.5" to 28.5" 28.5" to 31"
    Dog Length (shoulder to rear) 18.5" or under 18.5" to 25.5" 21" to 31.5" 31.5" to 37"
    Breeds in This Size Maltese
    Yorkshire Terrier
    Miniature Dachshund
    Shiba Inu
    Cocker Spaniel
    Standard Dachshund
    Average Labrador
    Average Retriever
    Average Boxer
    Small German Shepherd
    German Shepherd
    Large Labrador
    Large Retriever
    Large Boxer
    For Home Decorating Purposes
    Exterior Dimensions 22.5''H x 19.5''W x 22.5''L 26.5''H x 25''W x 29.5''L 31.5''H x 25''W x 35.5''L 34''H x 26''W x 41'' L
    Interior Dimensions 18''H x 16.5''W x 19''L 22.5''H x 20.5''W x 26''L 28.5''H x 20.5''W x 32''L 31''H x 22''W x 37.5''L

    Download a PDF version of the Sizing Chart to record measurements and ensure you order the right size.


  • Our first Den, the TownHaus, was born when founders Sarah and Chris adopted a spirited Redbone Coonhound, Amber. After staring too long at the ugly crate in their living room, they decided to put their woodworking skills to use to create something better.

    The couple went to work designing a space for Amber that would give her the happy, comfortable and safe room she deserves and that would fit with their home’s décor and function as an end table. The design evolved as the pair discovered they needed to have a unique door design that would allow them to crate Amber and to have the door open for easy access.

    After many friends asked where they could find this unique combination of dog crate and end table, Sarah began producing and selling the TownHaus in 2005. Thank you Amber!