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by Joe Chanda April 28, 2015 3 min read

One of the most lovable characteristics of puppies is their playfulness. They have lots of energy and are always willing to play a game or tussle around with other puppies (or their favorite person). Having toys around is a must if you have a puppy. Toys provide dogs with exercise, entertainment, relief from boredom, and even emotional support (for puppies getting used to being away from their litter mates).

Getting a Toy That Will Last

As any new puppy owner can tell you, puppies have an uncanny ability to chew up and destroy certain toys rather rapidly, depending on the strength of your dog’s teeth and whether or not your puppy is currently teething. While you can rest assured that this high-chewing phase will probably subside once your puppy is past the teething stage, the question of which toys puppies will love (but not love too much) comes up frequently.

Top Puppy Toys Include:

  • Tennis balls
  • Any toy filled with peanut butter
  • Kong® chew toys
  • Stuffed toys (but beware because they may chew these up quickly)
  • Frisbees and other throw toys
  • Tug toys
  • Rope toys (these help keep a dog’s teeth flossed)
  • Chewable treats or dental exercisers

Think Out of the Box

Toys do not always have to be purchased in order to be fun. A watermelon rind with peanut butter or some other snack slipped into it somehow could definitely become an easy toy. Since it is disposable anyway you won’t mind when your puppy choose it up in minutes. Another idea is to take a thick broccoli stem, hollow it out just barely, and pipe in some peanut butter, cashew butter, or almond butter into the center to make a homemade, disposable, and environmentally friendly chew toy. Most puppies will love this toy and shred it happily to bits. After the mess is over, you can toss it without any stress.

Buy Toys In Bulk

Puppies go through a lot of toys. They may chew them up, bury them in the yard, leave them at doggie daycare, or hide them under your bed. In the mean time, try buying toys in bulk. Purchase a big package of toys at your local pet store, stock up on clearance toys right after holidays, and buy several types of toys to give your puppy some variety. Seeing which toy your puppy likes best also gives you a clue about what his or her needs are right now. In general, higher quality toys will last longer, particularly if your puppy is going through a chewing stage. Look for toys that say they’re durable. No toy is chew proof, but many are made to be more durable than others.

Make a Stuffed Toy

Get an old sock, fill it with several tennis balls or other small plastic dog toys, sew the top up, and turn it into a Caterpillar chew toy for puppies. When your puppy breaks the sock open, he will have three or four new toys to play with. In a pinch, you can use Duck® Tape, but make sure your puppy doesn’t eat the tape.

Pick Up Second Hand Toys

You can shop at thrift stores and pick up something your dog would like to play with.That way it is cheap but it is something that won’t be a big deal if your dog destroys in a few minutes. Puppies have been known to snap through frisbees in seconds and destroy stuffed toys overnight. There are going to be a few rubber chickens or other plastic toys donated occasionally. Sanitize them before giving them to your dog with a quick wash and some spray sanitizer. Plush toys shouldn’t be purchased second hand since they could be a source of germs or bedbugs.

At DenHaus, we believe that puppies need love, play, and plenty of rest. You can find a stylish dog bed or indoor dog kennel that complements your decor at DenHaus.

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