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by Mandy Ekeroth February 04, 2019 3 min read

Top 5 Tips for Flying With a Pet

Flying with a pet can be a stressful experience. Know what to expect by reading these top tips for flying with a pet.

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When visiting family, it’s important that every member of the family is present including your fur baby. This is especially true if you just can’t find the right person to pet sit for you while you’re gone.

This can go pretty smoothly if you’re going by car (other than some barks or meows of protest) but if you’re going by plane, it’s a different story. Things can quickly turn into a stressful nightmare.

To ease some of the worries for you and make your trip not go south before it begins, here is everything that you need to know about flying with a pet.

1. Talk to Your Vet 

Before you even book your tickets, you'll want to take your pet to the vet to make sure that they don't have any health issues that could make flying a hazard for them. 

If they will be required to ride as cargo, you'll need to at least present health forms from the vet. Some states require a little extra paperwork so make sure to check with the state veterinarian at your destination to find out what you'll need. 

2. Book Early 

Airlines only allow a certain number of pets to fly per flight. You'll want to book early to ensure that your pet will be able to tag along with you. 

Keep in mind that the reservation process can take months to prepare so it's best that you do this as soon as you've visited the vet and they've given your pet the okay to fly. 

3. Make Sure Their Breed isn't Restricted

More and more airlines are cracking down on certain dog and cat breeds. These breeds usually include the short-nosed ones like boxers and Boston terriers due to their notorious breathing and respiratory issues. 

Make sure you check with your airline before you set things up for your pet to come onboard with you. 

4. Feed them Early 

A full stomach might make your dog a little airsick so it's best to feed them at least four hours before the flight. You do, however, want to keep giving your pet water up until the minute of the flight. 

Flights can be long, so make sure you leave their dishes in their carrier so air attendants can feed them. Also, make sure you let them do their business in the grass and exercise out all their energy before you take off. 

5. Don't Sedate Your Pet

It's okay if you take a pill for anxiety before your flight, but don't give one to your pet. If they are sedated it will be hard for them to control their body temperature which can lead to complications during the flight.  

Instead, give them calming drops or CBD treats (if airline regulations allow it) to reduce the pet's anxiety without sedating them.  

Don't Leave Fido Behind: Tips for Flying with a Pet

If you can't find a pet sitter or just don't want to go without your fur baby during your vacation to visit relatives, you might want to take them onboard a plane with you. There are no rules against this but it does involve a lot of preparation. Use these tips for flying with a pet to make sure you have a smooth trip. 

We are dedicated to serving pets and answering any questions concerning them. Contact us for all of your furry needs. 

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