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by Mandy Ekeroth July 10, 2019 2 min read

Having a dog crate for your little one might not be the most attractive item on your “to-buy” list but still it certainly is a necessity. That’s why there’s a better alternative of simple dog crates for your home – decorative dog crates! The well-designed stylish crates make a dazzling alternative for simple plastic crates.

However, it is essential to be conscious about some features before making your final decision about decorative dog crates for small dogs:

  1. Versatility: Make sure to buy the crate with multiple uses. That’s probably the reason we are discussing the decorative crates for your dog – to make use of the crate smartly. If it’s a beautiful one, it can serve you as a piece of decoration and a couch for your puppy at the mean time.
  2. Materials: Sometimes dogs chew things as a part of their habit. If your dog is like that, you must look for a crate made of durable materials.
  3. Style and design: There’s a huge variety of decorative crates available in the market now, however, you choose the one that’s compatible to your home décor.
  4. Size: Dog crates come in different sizes, it’s however up to you which size do you get for your dog. Make sure to buy the one that can easily accommodate your dog.
  5. Assembly: Some dog crates require assembling while others don’t. You can take the idea of whether a crate requires assembling by reading the basic product review. Get the crate that you think is feasible for you.
  6. Doors: Multipurpose doors are prodigious and look nice. There are crates available in the market with stylish doors for your dogs to enter the crate and sit relaxed on its kennel.
  7. Removable pan insert: Some quality design crates have removable pan insert that makes the cleaning process easier. Since all of them don’t have removable pans, you must ask your supplier about it.

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