Oh So Presh… Girl Puppy Names for 2015

Oh So Presh… Girl Puppy Names for 2015

Picking a name for your puppy is a tougher job than it looks like. Girl puppy names are trendy and reflect your sense of style, as well as the personality of your pet. Is she a Claire or a Suzy? A Bella or a Molly? The more you think about it, the more you can get stuck! But don’t worry, your puppy will love you just as much whether you pick a puppy name from the ‘90s or you make up one yourself. As long as you remember that, selecting a name doesn’t feel so hard.

This year’s top names for female puppies are inspired by some of the trendiest names for baby girls. Many popular dog names (like Chloe, Sophie, and Bella) come from some of the top (human) baby name lists of the year. This fun trend reflects how society is integrating pets into high culture more fully than ever. Our puppies become like our children, and the love we show them is reflected in the cherished names we give them. If you’re looking for inspiration on naming your new puppy, take a look at the most popular girl puppy names of the year.

Top Puppy Names for Females in 2015

  • Sadie — an English nickname for the classic Hebrew name Sarah, which means “princess.” If your puppy looks cute in a sparkly collar, and enjoys a comfy pillow, she might be a high-born “princess Sadie.”
  • Chloe — a Greek name meaning “blooming” or “young green shoot.” Fashionable and oh-so-stylish, Chloe can be spelled Chloë or Khloé and has become hugely popular thanks to celebrities with this name.
  • Bailey — this English name is used for both males and females. It comes from the word “bailiff” (a sheriff’s officer with legal authority) and is a charming name for a little watchdog with a bit of spunk.
  • Lola — a Spanish nickname for Carlotta or Charlotte, which means petite, strong, and feminine. This is a popular name for pampered puppies who enjoy being coddled.
  • Zoe — a Greek name meaning “life” and “abundance,” this is a highbrow name for an energetic and pampered puppy. It can also be spelled Zoë.
  • Luna — meaning “moon” in Latin and many Latin-derived languages, this trendy puppy name is a favorite of people who love the magic and romance of night. If your puppy wakes you up at night, or enjoys evening strolls, she might be a Luna.
  • Elsa — made hugely popular by the movie Frozen, Elsa is a nickname for the classic name Elizabeth.
  • Stella — this classic name (meaning “star” in Latin) is sweet, spunky, and full of sparkle. What girl doesn’t like that?
  • Quinn — meaning “the fifth” or “the queen’s town,” Quinn is cute name for a male or female puppy.
  • Ivy — as graceful and verdant as English ivy, this name means constant and faithful and is a trendy name for a female puppy. It’s a great name for a dog who enjoys living in the lap of luxury.
  • Avery — this name means “noble” or “bear-like” and is derived from the name Aubrey. This puppy name is a good pick for a dog who knows her own mind and is a good watchdog.
  • Daisy — the daisy flower has been called “the friendliest of flowers.” The name Daisy is a nickname for Marguerite, which is what a daisy is called in French. Daisy is a great name for a loving companion and a puppy you know will become your best friend.
  • Bella — made infinitely popular by the Twilight books, the name Bella is Latin for beautiful. The French spelling, Belle, is also very popular.
  • Maggie — this trendy puppy name means “pearl” in Greek and is a nickname for Margaret. It’s often shortened to “Maggs” and is a fun, sporty name for a dog who enjoys nature and the finer things in life.
  • Lucy — this favorite puppy name means “bringer of light” and “hopeful.” It can also be spelled Luci or Lucia. If your puppy wakes up early and is always ready to go on a walk, she might be a natural-born Lucy.
  • Molly — an Irish nickname for Mary, the name Molly is casual and lovable with a noble history. If your puppy has adorable eyes and a loving nature, she might be a Molly.
  • Lila — petite and sweet, Lila is a flower name meaning lilac. Many people also associate it with lilies. Lila is a cute name for a sweet-tempered puppy who loves the outdoors.