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by Joe Chanda March 26, 2015 2 min read

After your puppy has been playing or exercising for awhile, it will be time for a nap and a bit of R&R. A puppy cannot sustain the same energy level of an adult dog for very long, which often surprises new pet owners. Puppies have big bursts of energy all day, and can be very excitable, but since they’re young and still growing they need more sleep than adult dogs.

Signs that Your Puppy is Over-tired

  • Loses interest in favorite games or activities
  • Sudden decline in obedience or potty training skills
  • Overeating
  • Confusion with games or activities that usually interest your puppy
  • Snapping or growling at family members
  • Can’t find a comfortable place to nap (over exhaustion can create body aches in little growing puppies)
  • Increased need for alone time

To make sure your puppy doesn’t get too tired or mentally exhausted from playtime, you will want to do many short training sessions and playtime sessions each day instead of one long session right after you get home from work. Make sure you don’t overtire your puppy. As he or she gets older, you can play longer and longer at a time. Eventually, you’ll be the first one to get tired!

A Puppy’s Poor Concentration Skills Could Indicate Lack of Quality Sleep

Can puppies have ADHD? No, not usually, but they can exhibit symptoms similar to an overactive child. This most commonly occurs when they haven’t been getting enough sleep, or when their sleeping arrangements aren’t allowing the puppy to get quality sleep.

Since their minds are still young and growing, puppies have limited attention spans anyway. The lack of quality sleep just makes this worse. Puppies have a relatively short attention span for games, toys, new people, obedience training, and many other activities, much like small children. If your puppy isn’t getting enough sleep, then he or she will have a much harder time concentrating during obedience training or playtime sessions. A tired puppy will have a harder time learning things like potty training or learning even his or her own name.


Tip to Remember: All Dogs Have the Need for a Private Bed

All dogs have the natural instinct to den, and snuggle up in a quiet, sheltered place on a daily basis in a spot that’s their very own. Casual living with a family does not always provide for that. Letting your pet sleep on the couch or anywhere throughout the house does not provide dogs with the emotional security they need. However, most pet kennels are so unsightly that they’re kept in back bedrooms or basements, which may isolate a new puppy and not provide her with a sufficient connection with her “pack.” DenHaus offers designer dog crates and pet beds that provide the emotional security your pet needs and will integrate beautifully with your home’s décor.

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