Bringing Your New Puppy Home: Puppy Playtime

Bringing Your New Puppy Home: Puppy Playtime

A Tired Puppy is a Good Puppy

As all “pet parents” can tell you, playing games with your puppy helps you and your pet bond in a way you can’t replace with anything else. Playing together is a lot of fun for your puppy but it’s not just the interaction with their new family that new puppies need. It also provides much-needed exercise for your puppy, who has been used to playing with other his liter mates (brothers and sisters) all day, every day, from the first days of his life. 

Exercise is good for dogs at any age but is an especially great thing for puppies, who are known to have boundless energy. Going from a busy life interacting with liter mates to a quiet apartment in the suburbs can make puppies needy and anxious. That’s why every moment you spend playing with your puppy is so important to your puppy. When you make time to play with your pets, you become the most important person in the world them.

Puppy Playtime Ideas

  • Playing fetch
  • Running around the yard together (or up and down stairs in winter time)
  • Doing some obedience training (making it fun!)
  • Throwing a ball 
  • Playing with blankets, toys, and dog games
  • Visiting friends (if they have dogs, make sure you keep all pets on a leash until you’re sure they get along)

With many games you play with your puppy, your dog may not quite “get it” at first and there will be a learning curve. For instance, when you play fetch for the first time, it might be hard for your dog to drop the ball in front of you (instead most puppies will want to sit and chew it!).

To teach your dog Fetch or any other game, just remain patient and keep playtime sessions fun and enjoyable. Eventually, your dog will understand the game and then you’ll need to go find some new trick for your smart puppy to learn. In addition to their higher need for sleep and napping than adult dogs, young dogs also don’t focus as well as they will when they’re older. So be patient and in time, your puppy will learn many games and tricks.

All Tired Out and Ready for a Nap

Remember that puppies need much more sleep than adult dogs. If your puppy is fairly young, you may be surprised by how quickly he or she wears out. Be sensitive to your dog’s needs and make sure you let your pet get enough sleep. Households with children are notorious for wearing puppies out and preventing them from getting sufficient sleep. Your veterinarian can tell you how much sleep your puppy needs at each stage in his or her development. In the mean time, make sure your puppy has his or her own bed and kennel, where she can rest and retire when she needs to. DenHaus offers upscale dog kennels and pet beds that are so stylish you can proudly keep them in the front room.