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by Chris Reid July 16, 2019 2 min read

Confused about whether you should bring a bed for your dog or not? If the answer’s yes, this blog is just for you. The average pet dog stays up on his feet for around five hours a day, that’s right! Only five hours and then they spend rest of the time sleeping. An average dog sleeps for 12 to 14 hours in a day and the other 5 to 7 hours lying around awake but resting. This fact alone answers all your questions about a dog bed and any doubts about how important rest is for your dogs. Because they have to spend most of the time inactive, they need a soft and supportive couch to rest upon.

Read on to know the basic reasons why beds for dogs are essential for the ease of your dog!

  1. Good for health:It’s alarming for your dog’s health if he has to sleep or rest on the cold hard floor. Their joints can become stiff and muscles can turn sore. The beds for dogs are designed specifically for this reason, that’s why they are padded and comfortable. Resting on the comfy padded bed can keep your dogs from getting sick too often.
  2. Your hygiene is important:Alongside the dog’s health, your personal hygiene is just as important. If you don’t get a separate couch for your dog, chances are he’ll probably end up sleeping with you. Even if not with you on bed, he will try to find space on tables, sofa, carpet etc., leaving dog hair all around. If he has his own bed to sleep, he will never jump to the daily-use spots. This way your furniture, carpet, sofas, and beds will remain clean and hygienic.
  3. Good for emotional stability of dog:Sometimes you need to leave your best buddy home alone. You can’t obviously take your dog everywhere with you. Since dogs are naturally sensitive creatures, they turn off at the time of solitude. Beds can provide them with the much needed snuggles at the down times for your dog.

All in all, a dog bed could do no harm. It’s the perfect addition that any dog lover would want in the household with benefits for both you and your family, and your beloved furry little friend.

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